Many thanks to all those who have entered our Bonus Ball Bingo game. This page will be up dated following each draw (Wednesday & Saturday), with details of the drawn number and a summary of the state of play.

In addition, a weekly summary will also be posted in the clubhouse.

bonus ball update

Game 3: Week 18: Draw 35

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Jackpot @ £1,296.00

Bonus Ball: *04

Standings are as follows:

3 Players have drawn 5 numbers;

12 Players have drawn 4 numbers;

32 Players have drawn 3 numbers;

20 Players have drawn 2 numbers;

4 Players have drawn 1 number;

1 Player is still under starters orders;


  • Entry is £2.00 per week (£1 Prize Fund | £1 Club Monies) – Ideally paid via a monthly Standing Order;
  • Players must select six (6) different Bonus Ball numbers between 1 & 59;
  • The first player to mark off all six (6) numbers (based on both Wednesday and Saturday Lotto draws) will win the jackpot;
  • The jackpot will roll over each week when the prize is not won;
  • In the event of a draw, the prize monies will be shared equally between all winners;
  • The game will reset following a win;