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19 thoughts on “Course Information / Playing Status

  1. BUGGIES they will be allowed from Saturday 30 th November. This is a 50/50 decision not taken lightly due to recent rain.l would ask only those needing a buggy for health reasons to use them and all others please walk.Please only drive in
    the semi rough and keep away from wet areas


  2. 18 GREEN……..A new larger diameter drainage pipe has been installed in 18 green this week to prevent the excessive flooding that has occurred over many years.The top surface of the western side of the green has been disturbed to fit the pipe.This area of the green is now marked GUR.This area of the green will be worked on over the winter as the ground settles.Can l remined members that any drainage hole on your line of put allows golfers to move your ballaway from the drainage hole line.Shortly some GUR area stakes will be removed ie 8 hole left of bridge and by trees.Also the GUR stakes short and right of 13 green.normal rules will apply in these areas.


  3. Hollow tining and top dressing has now been completed . Took green staff twice as long due to saturated ground.Hollow tining aids drainage and removes the thatch layer.we are now on winter mats and rules early this year due to wet weather.Mats have been cleaned ,groves cleared out and surrounding tee areas strimmed.Please follow winter rules on sign by l st tee.Can buggy users please observe ALL signs and to stay on the road on hole number two and stay off the faiways Alan Walbyoff 23..10..19


  4. Members ………….. Be aware that maintenance work will take place on our greens over the next week i.e. hollow tining and top dressing (improves drainage and removes thatch Alan Walbyoff

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  5. YES YES YES sorry got carried away there.RAIN coming next week greens need a downpour..Comments reqaurding course Much appreciated .members and visitors alike very happy with condition of course..We on committee along with groundstaff aim to produce the course in good condition at all times.


  6. Saturday’s comp postponed till Sunday but GOOD NEWS green staff have agreed to cut greens Sunday earlly for the competition.If you see them shout thanks Alan Walbyoff 7 June 19


  7. It seems there were comments ‘re the greens on sat/ Sun 24/25 th May.My blog on 23 rd May explained about the grass seeding and will last prox 2 weeks this makes the greens somewhat slower and this along with greens not cut on Saturday 24th because the ground staff had family commitments led to the greens slower than usual.The greens were cut on fri day as usual. This coming week will see the summer fertilizer applied this along with the rain we are having and greens cut next Saturday should show an improvement on all greens


  8. Whilst our greens are where we want them to be at this time of year the easterly winds are quickly drying the top surface.The water system is on at night and some of our newer greens have additional watering during the day.The course is generally dry and we need some rain to promote grass growth. The presentation of the course is good but next week’s forcast of rain is much needed..Also thegrass on the greens is now seeding but will be cut off in next week.Still looking for volenteers ring 07840096681 Alan Walbyoff


  9. We have vandal damage on the course overnight..A vehicle has driven on to the course causing damage to 8 and 12 greens also 12 fairway The perimeter fence was also hit down and damaged.Ground staff and volunteers have done essential repairs to damaged areas..these areas are market g u r.Because ground staff have been diverted to these repairs some the holes on some greens will not be changed for the weekend.GOOD NEWS the greens will now be cut on Saturdays for the summer, weather permitting.Alan Walbyoff 10th may


  10. WANTED WANTED WANTED Have you got a few hours a week/or month that you could give to West Mon.We have a small number of volunteers but would like to add a few more to undertake tasks such as painting,strimming,raking grass ect.We would be gratefull for you time.Alan Walbyoff 07840096681


  11. The second application of cold weather fertilizer was put on the greens 23rd April this fertilizer works at 3/4 degrees ground temp rather than 8/9 degrees of normal fertilizer.we believe this has benefited the grass growth during April.We have on 5 greens some small depressions these are currently being attended to by groundstaff by lifting the depression just like repairing a pitch mark – back breaking work but needs to be done.Very cutting of greens begins Tuesday 30th this improves the’flatness ‘of the greens thus improves role and increases speed which is our aim.Comments from members are positive ‘re extra speed.The east winds have not helped growth throughout the course hopefully May will bring warmer temps.Repair pitch marks please.Any questions please ask.Alan Walbyoff


  12. Confirming that the greens could not be cut on Friday 5 th due to the greens being saturated .Also the ground is far to wet to allow buggies on the course Saturday 6th.The rain is forcast to stop Friday evening so the course should be playable Saturday although wet under feet.Will golfers please repair pitch marks so they will recover in 2/3 days rather than 12/15 if pitch marks are NOT repaired.Many thanks A Walbyoff 5/4/19 4pm


  13. For the first ‘competition ‘of the season our course looked and played well.Verticutting took place on Tues/wed2nd/3rd .This procedture takes prox one millimetre off the surface of the greens and gives the greens a smoother surface and will give better roll of the golf ball therefore should be slightly faster.As l look out of my window at the lying snow it is doughtful if the greens will be cut on Friday 5 th.Members
    will hopefully understand if machines cannot get on the course.l remined members about the new rules including the new local rule ‘re lost ball/ and out of bounds info sheets in bar.
    Alan Walbyoff 4April


  14. 27th February 2019
    Hope members are enjoying the great golfing weather this last few weeks. This time last year we were all indoors by the fire.
    Ground staff have told me they have cut the greens more this winter than ever before. Greens have been cut and verti-cut in readiness for an early spring and new flags have been put out. The season’s fertilizer has been ordered, committee has given the ok for a comprehensive package from our suppliers. We are hopeful of a mild spring BUT still time to have some cold weather.
    The stakes marking the out of bounds on 8 fairway have been moved 20 feet to the right to help golfers who lose balls in the GUR area bottom left of the fairway. The areas where soil has been placed will shortly be covered with turf and l’m grateful to the seniors section with help to pay for this and other areas. All grass tees sides have been strimmed and painting of all yellow/red/white markers is well underway.

    Alan Walbyoff

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  15. Work continues cutting the deep rough with the flail mower Also tee and green surrounds are being trimmed to enhance the look of the course.The greens continue to absorb water well and are good to putt on ,we believe this due to tinning of the greens and also the greens having being sprayed with an agent which allows water to pass through turf 8 times as fast as normal. Jan 2 nd Alan Walbyoff

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