Local Rules & Rules of Golf

Local Rules


The Rules of Golf


1. Out of Bounds

(a) Out side all perimeter fencing aligning the course.

(b) The confines of the clubhouse and car park.

(c) Whilst playing the 14th hole, the right hand fence and staked area running around the tee for the full length of the hole.

2. Immovable Obstruction

(for relief see rule 24-2)

(a) Stones embedded in fairways and closely mown areas.

(b) All constructed paths, roads and buggy paths throughout the course.

3. Hazards

(for relief see rule 26-1)

(a) All water hazards are marked with yellow stakes.

(b) All lateral water hazards are marked with red stakes.

4. Additional

(a) A ball lying on a sheep track through the green may be lifted and dropped without penalty.

5. General

(a) A ball striking the fence off the 14th, 15th and 18th tee must be replayed without penalty.

The R & A rules of golf

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