Bonus Ball Bingo


Bonus Ball Bingo

GAME ON !!!!!!!!!


Many thanks to all those who have entered our Bonus Ball Bingo game.

This page will be updated following each draw (Saturday & Wednesday), with details of the drawn Bonus Ball and a summary of the state of play.

In addition, a weekly summary will also be posted in the clubhouse.

Bonus Ball Update

Game 3: Week 5 Draw 10

Saturday 4th April 2020

Jackpot: £365.00

Bonus Ball: 25

Standings are as follows:

1 Player has drawn 4 numbers;

2 Players have drawn 3 numbers;

26 Players have drawn 2 numbers;

28 Players have drawn 1 number;

16 Players are still under starters orders;



  • Entry is £2.00 per week (£1 Prize Fund | £1 for the Club) – ideally via a standing order as detailed above.
  • Players must select 6 different Bonus Ball numbers between 1 & 59.
  • The first player to mark off all 6 numbers (based on both Saturday’s and Wednesday’s Lotto Draws) will win the Jackpot.
  • The Jackpot will roll over each week when the prize is not won.
  • In the event of a draw, the prize monies will be shared equally between all winners.
  • The game will re-set following a win.
  • Weekly updates will be posted in the clubhouse/website.



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