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Notice is hereby given that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of  West Monmouthshire Golf Club will be in the Clubhouse




Minutes From Last Meeting Read and Approved: Proposed and Seconded

Matters Arising

Captain’s Address: Mr Craig Jones

Announce New Captain

Incoming Captain’s Address: Mr Jeff Dando

Announce Vice Captain

Treasurers Report: Mr Brian Williams

Matters Arising From Treasurers Report

Nomination of Committee

Committee Proposals and Amendments:

  1. To Increase the Full Membership Fee for the Year 2020/21 by £10.00;
  2. Amend AGM Proposal Proposed by Mr John Harding in 2017 AGM Whereby, Senior Members Fees Would Increase by £30.00 Per Year for Three (3) years and Then Increase to Gain Parity with A Full Membership Fee in the Fourth Year; The Amendment Proposed By Committee is to Increase the Senior Membership by £30.00 Per Year Until Parity is Reached.


Close Meeting



Handicaps & Competitions

All members can check their handicaps and competition results on the ‘TeamApp’ system. If you have not already done so, you will need to register with ‘TeamApp’ before being able to access the site.


Click here to access TeamApp



Master Scoreboard

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West Monmouthshire Senior’s Section

West Monmouthshire Golf Club hosts a vibrant and welcoming Senior’s Section.

  • 2019 Captain: Mr Mike Fleming

  • 2019 Vice Captain: Mr Allan Offers

  • Senior’s Secretary: Mr John Harding

Seniors Section


West Monmouthshire’s Bonus Ball Bingo

A chance to win some big money prizes whilst supporting the Club’s finances at the same time!!

The Club runs a weekly bonus ball bingo game whereby, individuals pick six (6) bonus ball numbers between 1 and 59.

Then check out each Saturday’s National Lottery Lotto draw and if the bonus ball matches 1 of the 6 numbers you’ve chosen then you mark it off.

The first player to mark off all 6 numbers will win the Jackpot.

The jackpot rolls over each week when the prize is not won. In the event of a draw, the prize monies will be shared equally between all winners.

It costs £2.00 per week (£1 for the prize and £1 for the Club).

Entry forms are available in the clubhouse.


Bonus Ball Bingo



General Updates


Special Offer: Golf Coaching with Clive Coombs PGA Advanced Professional


Special Offer: Club Polo Shirts